Easy Steps for Remote Control Setup from Techvedic UK

Remote Control Setup

Right remote control settings can help you achieve best visuals and acoustics from your VCR, TV or AUX devices without any hassles. There are some common remote control issues that can be addressed by Techvedic UK IT professionals.

Common Remote Control Issues

  • Connectivity problems with receiver terminal
  • Not active device or incorrect mode selection
  • Signal problems
  • Battery issues
  • Physical damage to cables connected with gateway, TV or receiver

Below are easy-to-follow steps presented by Techvedic UK to fix remote control setup problems.

  1. For Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray DVD Remote
  2. Initially, go to “Settings” and browse “Accessory Settings” from XMBTM home menu.
  3. Scroll down & select “Register BD Remote Control”. Press “X” icon button.
  4. When you are given the option to start, click “Start” button and press “Enter”. Make sure no other buttons are pressed except these two.
  5. In the last step, the remote control will be able to enter in the registration mode. Now follow the instructions prompt on your screen for finishing the registration of the remote control.
  1. For Philips Prestigo SRU8015
  2. To begin with the remote control setup procedure, Techvedic UK recommend you to insert the battery in the Philips Prestigo SRU8015.
  3. Select the right hand side arrow bedore pressing the button given below the circular bar of arrows with the “right” indication.
  4. Just above the round bar on the Philips remote control, there are three buttons with Home, Fav and More indication. Choose the button for performing suitable action:
  5. When you press “Home” button, there is a list of options that appears on the screen. You can select “TV” from the available choices by scrolling down the menu.
  6. When you press “Fav” button, there is a list of favorite channels that appears on the screen. Go for any favorite channels. For instance, you wish to choose “MTV”, select it by scrolling up and press the button with right indication.
  7. When you press “More” button, there is a list of extra features that appears on the screen. You can select any features of your choice suing “right” indication.

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