How to Backup Data with Techvedic Backuprunner

Data backup is the essential part of data management. Techvedic BackupRunner is the leading provider of data backup and recovery services. You can back up your data easily and instantly. Using just one username and password, you can manage your data across all devices including PCs, Macs, iPhones and Androids. Sounds interesting, right? Here is the guide to backup data with Techvedic BackupRunner Free Trial. Also, you can go for the paid ones with extended storage capacity.

Download the Free Trial.  To begin with, download your Free Trial by filling out the form. You need to fill your name, email, phone and password.

cloud backuprunnerCreate your account. Once the downloading gets completed, create your username and password. This username and password will be used by you to login your account from your device.

techvedic data backupStart backing up. You can see the easy-to-use wizard which will scan your device for all files. Also, you can schedule your backup for the next time.

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Techvedic Data Backup Solutions

Data preservation is one of the serious issues for which you need to take immediate measures. Whether it is your personal data or office data, both are equally important. Is your data under risk? If you are not paying attention towards data protection then let me say that you are going to put yourself into a big trouble soon. There are so many issues that results in data loss like hard drive failure, virus attack, accidental deletion, or any other natural disaster. Adopt suitable and advanced data backup solutions to protect your data from several threats. By backing up your data at regular intervals, you get assured about the security of your data. Techvedic data backup solutions are here to offer you comprehensive package of online data backup and recovery services.Data restore

Whenever you choose any backup provider, you first check the storage space. Techvedic is the best solution for this purpose. You get large storage space for keeping your data as well as this space can be extended when the data volume gets larger. Thus, BackupRunner, powered by Techvedic, is offering unlimited storage solutions for your data. When you need to backup large amount of data, you want fast upload speed. In this regard, Techvedic backup solutions can surely help you. These backup solutions offered by BackupRunner are highly useful for performing this backup task instantly.

If you are choosing the home backup plan then you can get complete security for your home computer data at competent prices. In this, you have Home Startup, Home Plus, and HomePlusPro programs to choose from. Just opt for the home backup plan and a setup wizard can guide you further. Not only for home users but for businesses also Techvedic has wide range of backup plans. Also, if you have already lost your data then Techvedic professionals can retrieve it from various network resources like servers, desktops, tablets, laptops, and virtual machines using secure web interface.

With just one username and password, you can manage and access your entire data easily. Furthermore, you get expert assistance for data restore services. Trust Techvedic professionals and let them handle your data related concerns.