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Best Online Technical Support Company is just a call away, 95 percent-first-call-resolution-rate, experienced specialists and guaranteed tech support, and so on, you come across these so often while looking for the best online tech support service provider across Web for your PC, cellphone, game playing system and many more. Sometimes you might have discovered the best, sometimes not. Hence, it has become crucial for the customers to know the reliability of the tech support company in enhance. To help you out, here we have written some factors that would help you evaluate the reliability of a technical support vendor. Click here to  Read More Tech support company TechvedicFind tips from Techvedic Support on choosing the best tech support vendor and derive the best from your technology products, including PCs, peripherals, tablets, and more.

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Explore metroPCS Talk, Text and Data Services

Use T-Mobile USA’s GSM, HSPA, HSPA+ and 4G LTE networks and enjoy nationwide Talk, Text and Data services offered by metroPCS. Stay tuned with Techvedic to catch the latest smartphone technologies.

According to a recent survey by comScore, the renowned research firm measuring the digital world, 169 million people in the U.S. own smartphones, and there is a fierce competition not just among smartphone manufactures like Apple, Samsung, HTC and Google but also among mobile telecom service providers or carriers. metroPCS, which ranks 6th in terms of its penetration in the US market, offers nationwide prepaid talk, text and data services using T-Mobile USA’s GSM, HSPA, HSPA+ and 4G LTE networks.

It also operated on the CDMA network, but sorry to say that it decided to roll it back by the second half of 2015. But there is a good sign, as its legacy 4G network using LTE will be integrated with T-Mobile USA’s 4G LTE network. It offers customized and affordable plans to match end-users demands. Consumers can go by their needs: surfing the web, sending emails, posting photos and videos, downloading apps, games and songs, and streaming videos and music, among others, and pick the right service plan. In the unlimited data usage packages, available with up to 4G LTE speed, metroPCS is currently promoting three monthly plans, at $40, $50 and $60.

However, users can bundle communication benefits with entertainment stuffs with different kinds of offers in place. They can also reduce calling rate and make it precise as per their needs. For instance, MetroMUSIC $5/month subscription at $5 can help you enjoy the hottest music on your cellphone. It also gives access to the latest ringtones. Likewise $10 World Calling available with $50 and $60 rate plans bestows users with privileges: (a) to make unlimited calling to over 1,000 destinations worldwide (landlines only), including Mexico and (b) Unlimited mobile texting to select destinations. Moreover, users can stay worry-free against hidden fees or PINs!

Internet freaks can do more. Well, with $5 per month they can share data connection with multiple devices. Adding a device is quite easier: Just open applications, select “Mobile Hotspot,” and follow the prompts to turn on Mobile Hotspot. Then you’ll see instructions on how to connect your device.


Techvedic Support for Home & Business PCs

Dial 855859 0057 to reach Techvedic US IT engineers and acquire expert tech support for home & business PCs under affordable service packages.

Today, technology is equally important for both home consumers and business professionals, and advanced innovations have helped them in making their computing, gaming and entertainment experience more enjoyable. Sometimes, it becomes little difficult to maintain good health of your newly purchased technology gadgets and your work or entertainment is hampered due to technical faults in them. Of course, you cannot do anything, if you are not too technically sound. Instead, experts recommend technology enthusiasts to buy Techvedic support for home and business PCs so that these devices work seamlessly, without any failures.pc support

What is the Significance of On-Demand Home & Business IT Support?

  • While you use your technology products throughout the day and night, risks of technical faults may rise at point of time. Thus, a reliable tech support company must offer 24×7 services to serve customers with well-strategized, instant and customized computer repair solutions.
  • Once you invest your valuable financial resources in professional PC repair action plan, you can acquire easy and quick services to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix technical errors.
  • There are highly qualified, well-experienced and certified IT technicians & engineers who assist you during the computer repairs and diagnosis process. They have good hands of fixing such errors and they takes minimum time to finish the job. Or it would be right to say that delivering authentic and fast services within least turnaround time is forte of support team at Techvedic US.
  • Once the IT support team, commonly known as XpertCrew, starts providing competent Techvedic support for home and business PCs, you can analyze their service quality. More than 98% clients feel delighted taking Techvedic support solutions. But if you are not satiated with the type of solutions being given, you can claim for money back guarantee. Under certain return policy, the company pay back the amount given by the clients at time of purchase.
  • Customized IT support packages is one thing that makes Techvedic US an outstanding competitor in technical support industry. After considering your technical requirements and knowing your estimated budget, Techvedic offers end-to-end and customized support services to help you escape the annoying situations.

For more details about Techvedic US, you can visit its official website at or contact XpertCrew members at 855 859 0057.



Techvedic Support for IBM Computer

Find Techvedic Support for IBM Computer and keep performance at peak. Call UK Freephone 0800 635 0716 to speak with an expert and fix IBM computer issues instantly.

IBM, without any ado, we can say it’s synonymous with trust, reliability and performance. IBM shifted its home user PC segment, the noted ThinkPad series to Lenovo in 2005, and presently it’s into a bigger portfolio of manufacturing and marketing business or enterprise grade IT infrastructure, hosting, training and consulting services. Overburdened with that legacy, IBM does market pre-owned certified laptops and desktops, backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Taking cognizance of the scenario, Techvedic, a leading technical support vendor, offers on-demand tech support for IMB computers. From getting started with an IBM machine to overcoming any technical challenges, Techvedic Support for IBM Computers is a comprehensive plan to handle all efficiently. Techvedic offers remote tech support and phone support to help end-users. Support over phone is a suitable medium, provided consumers are acquainted with the basic computer maintenance skills. Otherwise, it’s better to avail support through remote-screen sharing. Techvedic experts make use of a highly trusted tool from BOOMGAR that facilitates encrypted information flow-channel between an expert workstation’s and that of a customer’s PC.IBM Support

However, prevention is better than cure. You can avoid most of the IBM computer problems on your own by following the below discussed steps.

Update your IBM PC

Don’t forget to keep the Windows Update feature enabled. It doesn’t install any extra stuffs without asking for your permission, but provides all essential hotfixes and security patches required to keep your system running at its peak and protected against Internet vulnerabilities. You may install Windows Defender (for Windows 8) and Microsoft Security Essentials (for Windows Vista and Windows 7) as standalone application to check viruses and malware.

Free up IBM PC Resources

Stop all unused applications running on the background of your system. Go to the Windows Task Manager and click on the “Processes” tab, you will get a picture of what programs are running and what should be run. Terminate processes that you don’t need. Permanently you can configure the settings through “MSCONFIG”. It can be accessed easily through the Run command available with Start Menu. Do not disable processes of which you are not sure, as some processes are necessary for functioning of your operating system. Permanent deletion can be performed through the Control Panel’s “Add or Remove” Section. Periodically run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter tools available with Windows.

Use Action Center’s Troubleshooter

Action Center is the dashboard that helps you recognize any potential issues with your computer. It lists messages or notifications regarding security and performance that need your attention. It can detect any out-of-date hardware drivers and software updates that may speed up your PC. Following its instructions can save you from unnecessary technical puzzles.





Why Choose Techvedic Support for Dell Computers?

Online computer support, remote computer repair, remote technical support, or call something else, the phrase was lesser-understood, and if not, it was a highly susceptible terminology a couple of years back. Gradually, awareness came, and today technology users from all strata are aware of its benefits. Find it yourself below:

  1. Fast: No time killing. You don’t need to wait in queue at any PC repair shop or look out for any technician in vicinity.
  2. Convenient: No need to take your bulky computer to a shop or wait for an expert to come and fix it.Dell Computer Support
  3. Affordable: Consumers and providers both are getting benefitted as they save time and money involved with travel.

In the wake of growing demand of tech support and rising awareness about remote technology, Techvedic, which initially ventured with the business of tech support to serve local technology users in Las Vegas, US expanded its tech support portfolio not just to cover the entire US states but the promising UK, Canada and Australia markets as well.

Today, Techvedic offers support for Dell computers, Acer computers, Lenovo computers, Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac, and for a range of hardware and software products. Experts can remotely diagnose and fix all issues pertaining to software and hardware. Different service plans are available with affordable price tags under its online tech support portfolio.

Interested how Techvedic works? Find below a glimpse of it.

STEP 1: Experts receive call from customers over the phone number 0800 635 0716 (UK Freephone). Similar helpline numbers are assigned to different countries. Experts listen to customers, document their problems, system information, error messages, if any, and symptoms.

STEP 2: Experts take permission from customers to diagnose their technology problems through remote screen-sharing using BOMGAR software. It’s a quick and easy process. Users just have to accept a request send by experts after entering the valid session-key which is offered in advance.

STEP 3: Experts fix the prevailing technical problem, and confirm it to the respective customer via an email. Users’ rights and obligations are thoroughly expressed in details in the email.


Microsoft Office 365 – Product Review by Techvedic

Techvedic US has established as a promising technical support agency serving more than 75,000 worldwide clients. The company owns an online store that sells various technology products and services, including laptops, computers, tablets, one year protection for one PC, etc. Besides, the company has also served technology enthusiasts with excellent technology consultation making it easier for them to understand and adapt technology benefits. Right consultation and effective Techvedic reviews have brought confidence among many clients to trust its words. It is a matter of immense proud for Techvedic that it has recently become an authorized seller of Microsoft Office 365. So, here are few words about MS Office 365 from Techvedic US.

What is Microsoft Office 365?Techvedic-products-review

The new MS Office 365 is not too different from the usual Office that we all have been using past many years to accomplish our computing tasks. But this time, it is more flexible, reliable and highly secure because of the end-to-end cloud-powered connection, control and collaboration. Office 365 comprises of all the applications that are already known to every Office user and it is powered by cloud now making it possible for owners to access from anywhere anytime. Techvedic review says that Office 365 lets you manage it all easily and it is the best option for people who are interested in online services. Now it is easy to share, access and download files on Mac, tablet or PC.

Why Office 365 for business?

Techvedic US recommends PC users to buy MS Office 365 to get following benefits:

  1. Mobility – Now you have the freedom to take your device and starting working anywhere anytime.
  2. Business Intelligence – Using Office 365, you can have big data, big insights and make better decisions.
  3. Cloud – Don’t rely on IT admins anymore. Enjoy flexible, affordable and faster MS Office applications.
  4. Compliance – Now users don’t have to compromise with the security risks.
  5. IT Control – Make it easy to administrate and have better control over business activities.
  6. Enterprise Social – Social media is used for maintaining communications and driving insight.

For more information about Microsoft Office 365, you can visit the Techvedic US’s official website at anytime.