How to choose the Best Business Technology Services Provider | Techvedic

These days getting the best technical support services have become a tough proposition and the most contentious struggle is to figure out that which provider is the best that you can avail in the first place. In this brief synopsis, you will get to know that how best the technical support can be shaped and in this piece you will get to know that how features define a good technical support service and the ways Techvedic Technologies has been stupendous at serving the customers.


In this piece, you will get to know the basic fundamentals that keep the choices perfect and help you get the best service that you are looking for.


Keep the Stylus Carefully To prevent the Phone Breakage in Samsung Note 5: Techvedic

Technology is meant to change the life for the better; however, if you mess with it at any point of time, in that case, it may leave you in distress and pain. You might be wondering that why such philosophical lines have been written, well, if you are using Samsung Note 5 and you have inserted the Pen Stylus in the wrong way, in that case, you will get the grasp of the context under which the above lines are written. Samsung launched the new Note 5; however, if you keep all the features that it offers, in that case, you will come to know that there is one major flaw in it and if it is allowed to let loose, in that case, it will definitely wreak havoc in particular.


How to Edit YouTube video?

YouTube is the popular video sharing site that you can use to stream videos related to anything. Videos that are uploaded on YouTube may have various corrections. If any particular scene is bothering you then you can take it out. Are you looking for ways to edit your YouTube videos? Then here is the quick and easy guide to follow. This task can be done using the YouTube editor. This editor is simple as compared to other editing programs like Movie Maker and iMovie.Youtube

How to use YouTube Editor?

Access the YouTube editor by visiting There you can use Linear video editors. These are made with intuitive and easy-to-use timeline. For adding any clip into the project, you can drag the clip onto the timeline. In order to edit your YouTube video, you need to trim it from the beginning or end. But, YouTube doesn’t allow you to cut the video in between. For removing anything from the middle of the video, you need to drag it twice on the timeline. In this way, you can have two different clips from the same original source. This trimming process is not very simple. Video constantly reloads on the display when you are adjusting the slider for trimming. The best way to trim the video is to decide the start point and endpoint in advance.

YouTube editor also provides a tool for stabilizing the shakiness. When you take the mouse over the video, it will show three icons. Choose the center one and you can find that particular clip on a new window having several editing options. Also, YouTube lets you join the multiple video clips. For this, drag the video clips on the timeline and arrange them as per your wish. Also, it provides segue options.

Additionally, it offers the facility to add your own music. For this purpose, click the tab marked with a music note and you can see a list of songs. You can choose these songs for your video.

Therefore, by using the above given tips you can edit YouTube video easily.


How to recover Gmail password?

How to recover Gmail password? Worried! Get it recovered in 5 easy-to-follow steps. Need technical support, contact Techvedic @ +855-859-0057 (Toll Free).

Gmail with over 425 million user-base is among the most popular email clients that occupies almost 8.43 percent of the email client/service market share as per the leading Internet marketing research firm – Campaign Monitor. Being a tech support vendor, we have witnessed many complaints or requests related to forgotten Gmail password or Gmail password recovery.

Here is a quick way to recover Gmail password?gmail password restore

  1. Type “” in the browser address-bar, or select the Gmail app from the Google’s homepage, i.e.
  2. Find “Need Help?” under the sign-in button.
  3. Select “I don’t know my password”. If it asks for “Enter the last password you remember”, skip it and click on “I don’t know”.
  4. Gmail asks for your preferred means for password reset – email, phone or answering security questions. As per your convenience, choose one and proceed as discussed below:
  • Recovery through Alternate Email

Enter your secondary email address which is registered with Google. Or provide the phone number. Make sure to put a check-mark against “Get a password reset link at my recovery email”. Now go to your alternate email Inbox, and click on the “Password Reset” Link that you got from the Google Account Recovery Team

  • Recovery through Phone

In case you opted for the phone option, check your phone for the recovery code. Enter that code on the password reset page, and click on “Continue”.

  • Recovery by Answering Security Questions

Make sure “Answer my security question” is selected under “Choose how to get back into your account”. Type the answer to your recovery question following the question.

  1. All above means direct you to a page where you can create a new password. Enter your new password and confirm it again. Click “Continue” to make the changes effective.



Techvedic Support for IBM Computer

Find Techvedic Support for IBM Computer and keep performance at peak. Call UK Freephone 0800 635 0716 to speak with an expert and fix IBM computer issues instantly.

IBM, without any ado, we can say it’s synonymous with trust, reliability and performance. IBM shifted its home user PC segment, the noted ThinkPad series to Lenovo in 2005, and presently it’s into a bigger portfolio of manufacturing and marketing business or enterprise grade IT infrastructure, hosting, training and consulting services. Overburdened with that legacy, IBM does market pre-owned certified laptops and desktops, backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Taking cognizance of the scenario, Techvedic, a leading technical support vendor, offers on-demand tech support for IMB computers. From getting started with an IBM machine to overcoming any technical challenges, Techvedic Support for IBM Computers is a comprehensive plan to handle all efficiently. Techvedic offers remote tech support and phone support to help end-users. Support over phone is a suitable medium, provided consumers are acquainted with the basic computer maintenance skills. Otherwise, it’s better to avail support through remote-screen sharing. Techvedic experts make use of a highly trusted tool from BOOMGAR that facilitates encrypted information flow-channel between an expert workstation’s and that of a customer’s PC.IBM Support

However, prevention is better than cure. You can avoid most of the IBM computer problems on your own by following the below discussed steps.

Update your IBM PC

Don’t forget to keep the Windows Update feature enabled. It doesn’t install any extra stuffs without asking for your permission, but provides all essential hotfixes and security patches required to keep your system running at its peak and protected against Internet vulnerabilities. You may install Windows Defender (for Windows 8) and Microsoft Security Essentials (for Windows Vista and Windows 7) as standalone application to check viruses and malware.

Free up IBM PC Resources

Stop all unused applications running on the background of your system. Go to the Windows Task Manager and click on the “Processes” tab, you will get a picture of what programs are running and what should be run. Terminate processes that you don’t need. Permanently you can configure the settings through “MSCONFIG”. It can be accessed easily through the Run command available with Start Menu. Do not disable processes of which you are not sure, as some processes are necessary for functioning of your operating system. Permanent deletion can be performed through the Control Panel’s “Add or Remove” Section. Periodically run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter tools available with Windows.

Use Action Center’s Troubleshooter

Action Center is the dashboard that helps you recognize any potential issues with your computer. It lists messages or notifications regarding security and performance that need your attention. It can detect any out-of-date hardware drivers and software updates that may speed up your PC. Following its instructions can save you from unnecessary technical puzzles.





Why Choose Techvedic Support for Dell Computers?

Online computer support, remote computer repair, remote technical support, or call something else, the phrase was lesser-understood, and if not, it was a highly susceptible terminology a couple of years back. Gradually, awareness came, and today technology users from all strata are aware of its benefits. Find it yourself below:

  1. Fast: No time killing. You don’t need to wait in queue at any PC repair shop or look out for any technician in vicinity.
  2. Convenient: No need to take your bulky computer to a shop or wait for an expert to come and fix it.Dell Computer Support
  3. Affordable: Consumers and providers both are getting benefitted as they save time and money involved with travel.

In the wake of growing demand of tech support and rising awareness about remote technology, Techvedic, which initially ventured with the business of tech support to serve local technology users in Las Vegas, US expanded its tech support portfolio not just to cover the entire US states but the promising UK, Canada and Australia markets as well.

Today, Techvedic offers support for Dell computers, Acer computers, Lenovo computers, Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac, and for a range of hardware and software products. Experts can remotely diagnose and fix all issues pertaining to software and hardware. Different service plans are available with affordable price tags under its online tech support portfolio.

Interested how Techvedic works? Find below a glimpse of it.

STEP 1: Experts receive call from customers over the phone number 0800 635 0716 (UK Freephone). Similar helpline numbers are assigned to different countries. Experts listen to customers, document their problems, system information, error messages, if any, and symptoms.

STEP 2: Experts take permission from customers to diagnose their technology problems through remote screen-sharing using BOMGAR software. It’s a quick and easy process. Users just have to accept a request send by experts after entering the valid session-key which is offered in advance.

STEP 3: Experts fix the prevailing technical problem, and confirm it to the respective customer via an email. Users’ rights and obligations are thoroughly expressed in details in the email.


Techvedic Wireless Setup- Guide to Setup Wireless Router

With advancing technology, more and more devices have the capacity to connect with wireless networks. Therefore, setting up a wireless router is crucial for you. In this regard, Techvedic Wireless Setup services can help you. After setting up wireless network, you can access Internet from anywhere in the house.Techvedic wireless setup

Steps offered by Techvedic Wireless Setup Services to set up a wireless router:

Connect hardware

After purchasing the right router as per your needs, you need to connect it to your modem. Through this, you can share your broadband connection with multiple devices. For receiving better signal, place router near to your modem. Connect them with an Ethernet cable. Also, you need to connect at least one computer via Ethernet cable. Afterwards, you can disconnect it to connect wirelessly.

Configure your Router

You can find the IP address on a label affixed to the router. Open the web browser of the computer which is connected to the router through Ethernet cable. Type the IP address into the address bar and press “Enter.” Also, if you have the installation disc of your router then you can run the configuration program from there. For accessing the configuration page, enter the username and password. Once logged into your router, you can see the main screen of your router. Open wireless settings and enter a unique name for your wireless network. Also, choose your security method and enter a passphrase for the network. After naming and securing your wireless network, click “Apply” or “Save” button. When the configuration process is complete, change your router’s username and password. Furthermore, you can use built-in blocking tools to restrict devices to access some sites.

Connect devices to the wireless network

Now, you can connect computer, tablet or smartphone to your wireless network. To use this network, you need to enter the passphrase on your device. Once you have entered the passphrase, your device will get connected to the wireless network automatically. Also, you can connect other devices to this network like printers, gaming consoles, etc.

Therefore, you can easily access Internet using Techvedic Wireless Setup services. For any other help, you can contact experts.