Microsoft Office 365 – Product Review by Techvedic

Techvedic US has established as a promising technical support agency serving more than 75,000 worldwide clients. The company owns an online store that sells various technology products and services, including laptops, computers, tablets, one year protection for one PC, etc. Besides, the company has also served technology enthusiasts with excellent technology consultation making it easier for them to understand and adapt technology benefits. Right consultation and effective Techvedic reviews have brought confidence among many clients to trust its words. It is a matter of immense proud for Techvedic that it has recently become an authorized seller of Microsoft Office 365. So, here are few words about MS Office 365 from Techvedic US.

What is Microsoft Office 365?Techvedic-products-review

The new MS Office 365 is not too different from the usual Office that we all have been using past many years to accomplish our computing tasks. But this time, it is more flexible, reliable and highly secure because of the end-to-end cloud-powered connection, control and collaboration. Office 365 comprises of all the applications that are already known to every Office user and it is powered by cloud now making it possible for owners to access from anywhere anytime. Techvedic review says that Office 365 lets you manage it all easily and it is the best option for people who are interested in online services. Now it is easy to share, access and download files on Mac, tablet or PC.

Why Office 365 for business?

Techvedic US recommends PC users to buy MS Office 365 to get following benefits:

  1. Mobility – Now you have the freedom to take your device and starting working anywhere anytime.
  2. Business Intelligence – Using Office 365, you can have big data, big insights and make better decisions.
  3. Cloud – Don’t rely on IT admins anymore. Enjoy flexible, affordable and faster MS Office applications.
  4. Compliance – Now users don’t have to compromise with the security risks.
  5. IT Control – Make it easy to administrate and have better control over business activities.
  6. Enterprise Social – Social media is used for maintaining communications and driving insight.

For more information about Microsoft Office 365, you can visit the Techvedic US’s official website at anytime.


Techvedic Laptop Repair Services in United Kingdom

A laptop user might require professional laptop repair services so as to get rid of the technical troubles caused due to hardware/ software installations and upgrades, virus or spyware, malfunctioning of motherboard/ hard drive or screen replacements. More than 50% of the laptop owners are unaware of the inner functionalities of the device, and they panic when some unexpected technical issues arise. As they do not have right skills and expertise to fix particular technical failure in the laptop, it is recommended to hire an expert IT agent to handle this job. To cover every small and big technical failure in laptops, Techvedic UK offers most reliable, affordable and instant laptop repair services to the home users and business enterprises in the country.Laptop Repair

As long as you are investing money in Techvedic laptop repair in UK, you need not to worry for the affordability and quality of services. The XpertCrew members, at Techvedic UK, are well-experienced and they make hard efforts to deliver world’s best technical assistance to their customers. The team is good at handling comprehensive laptop issues and it provides end-to-end assistance for all laptop issues. So, this makes Techvedic UK to stand out from the crowd and become #1 tech support brand. Besides, there are more reasons that would urge you to hire this company. Have a look.


No doubt, Techvedic has established good name with the quality of its services, and it is well-known to every technology enthusiast in local community and industry as well. There are hundreds of customers who have rated well Techvedic UK for delivering steadfast laptop repair services for pocket of every size. Isn’t this amazing!


High quality technical support service is one big thing that every customer looks for, and Techvedic is one company that never leaves stones unturned to equip their customers with valuable services. The company believes in giving real worth to their money, and hence, it customizes various service plans to meet client expectations.

  • COST

Apparently, service price is the deciding factor before giving a call to the tech support company. As Techvedic laptop repair services are pocket-friendly, none of the laptop users can ever hesitate from buying professional services.

Techvedic Technologies – A Leading Tech Support Company

Contributing to the rapidly increasing technology growth, Techvedic Technologies have established good name in the technical support industry by serving more than 75,000 clients across the globe. Since its inception in 2009, the company has always offered dependable and end-to-end IT support solutions to the home users and businesses. In order to let everyone take benefits of technology, IT professionals at Techvedic UK provide instant troubleshooting for hardware, network and software issues to sustain good health of client’s machine. In such a short span of time, no doubt, the company has been successful in being popular among potential clients as a well-known and reputed tech support brand.Techvedic Technologies

Initially, Techvedic started their operations in the US and the UK which later on shifted to India, and currently, the Techvedic Technologies are handling their technical support services and related operations from New Delhi office. Gradually spreading the shackles in the corporate world, Techvedic have expanded the online support business in the Canada, the Australia, the US and the UK to take care of technical concerns of technology enthusiasts and let them have great technology experience while sitting comfortably at home/ office. Simplifying technology is the ultimate aim of the company professionals, and with the zeal to serve better, “XpertCrew” agents are available round the clock 365 days a year. Unlike the beginning, Techvedic xpert are no more limited to deliver over the phone technical support services; instead, they have encouraged the growing remote screen sharing technology for providing IT support instantly. Below are the attractive service features that may lure you to invest in the offered service plan.

  •   24x7x365 tech support
  •   Pocket-friendly service plans
  •   Money back guarantee
  •   7 days free service trials
  •   Customized support packages
  •   Assistance by certified agents
  •   Language based support

There are different types of service packages offered by Techvedic Inc., including Windows 7/ 8/ RT 8.1 troubleshooting, Mac upgrade, Printer troubleshooting, email setup, operating system installation, home theater setup, gaming console setup & troubleshooting, tablet data transfer, computer tune-up, technology consultation and lots more. You can pick any of these plans that fit well in your budget and meet your requirements.

Techvedic Inc – One-Stop Technology Solution Provider

TechvedicTechvedic Inc. is a One-Stop Technology Solution Provider offering tech support, CRM, ERP, technology journalism, cloud backup and recovery, business communication and collaboration tools, and a range of digital marketing services embracing website development, search engine optimization, social media optimization, content writing services, and more.

Techvedic Inc. ventured with its services way back in 2009 with tech support portfolio offering technical help for Windows and Macintosh computers to home users. Later it extended that to include phones and tablets and videos and home theaters understanding their growing popularity. Initially, the US & the UK were the only territories where it operated, but later on it embraced Australia and Canada as well. Computer repair module which was confined to remote support through email, chat or remote-screen sharing was made more personalized with the induction of on-site tech support, though it’s entertaining only the UK residents.

In 2103, Techvedic Inc. was transformed into an umbrella term with the inclusion of above discussed product & services. Withstanding the demand of growing customers’ base Techvedc adopted the cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) platform which maintains transparency, accountability and higher agility than the older one thereby streamlining the operation and helping drive business ROI. Techvedic Inc. is powered by 150 plus employees in different verticals under the astute leadership of Anurag Sharma, CEO Techvedic Inc. and Sumit Ruhela, Vice President, Business Development.

For more information on Techvedic Inc. visit the website and the respective Facebook and LinkedIn pages.




Techvedic Virus and Spyware Removal Services

Is your PC infected with any virus or spyware? Is it working sluggishly? Then it’s time to take immediate measures. You can take help from Techvedic virus and spyware removal services. These serious computing evils are everywhere on the web. You need. to keep your system secure by adopting suitable strategies. The professionals of Techvedic can remove the harmful programs from your computer making it safe and secure.Techvedic virus and spyware removal

Symptoms of virus and spyware infection:

  • Slow speed of computer
  • Random system restart
  • Strange/Unknown pop-ups
  • Abrupt shut downs

At Techvedic, you can get end-to-end solutions for virus and spyware removal. These experts are available round the clock to offer support against all computing evils. With immense expertise in technical field, they can handle all kinds of viruses and spyware.

What to do to prevent virus and spyware attack?

These viruses and spywares can attack your system in different forms. When you go online and download music, files or any other stuff from an untrusted source, viruses can get an opportunity to attack your system. Also, think twice before clicking a link from an unknown sender. These links may contain viruses and spywares. Installing and updating a suitable antivirus or antispyware on your system, Techvedic virus and spyware removal experts can make your system free from these computing threats. Additionally, you should not open any unknown email attachment as it is the direct way of getting infected by viruses. By taking above precautions, you can stay secure against these viruses and spywares.

What Techvedic do?

Techvedic experts first check the system behavior, errors and security notifications. After that, they run a system scan using an advanced antivirus or antispyware. If any computing threat detected, they remove it immediately. For further security, they install, update and configure the security software on your system. In order to protect your system in future, they update your operating system and browser. Additionally, they take required steps to ensure complete security by setting up and configuring privacy settings with email and other social networks. Techvedic virus and spyware removal experts can provide tutorials for checking Internet threats and if required, install service packs for operating system.


Techvedic Data Backup Solutions

Data preservation is one of the serious issues for which you need to take immediate measures. Whether it is your personal data or office data, both are equally important. Is your data under risk? If you are not paying attention towards data protection then let me say that you are going to put yourself into a big trouble soon. There are so many issues that results in data loss like hard drive failure, virus attack, accidental deletion, or any other natural disaster. Adopt suitable and advanced data backup solutions to protect your data from several threats. By backing up your data at regular intervals, you get assured about the security of your data. Techvedic data backup solutions are here to offer you comprehensive package of online data backup and recovery services.Data restore

Whenever you choose any backup provider, you first check the storage space. Techvedic is the best solution for this purpose. You get large storage space for keeping your data as well as this space can be extended when the data volume gets larger. Thus, BackupRunner, powered by Techvedic, is offering unlimited storage solutions for your data. When you need to backup large amount of data, you want fast upload speed. In this regard, Techvedic backup solutions can surely help you. These backup solutions offered by BackupRunner are highly useful for performing this backup task instantly.

If you are choosing the home backup plan then you can get complete security for your home computer data at competent prices. In this, you have Home Startup, Home Plus, and HomePlusPro programs to choose from. Just opt for the home backup plan and a setup wizard can guide you further. Not only for home users but for businesses also Techvedic has wide range of backup plans. Also, if you have already lost your data then Techvedic professionals can retrieve it from various network resources like servers, desktops, tablets, laptops, and virtual machines using secure web interface.

With just one username and password, you can manage and access your entire data easily. Furthermore, you get expert assistance for data restore services. Trust Techvedic professionals and let them handle your data related concerns.

Comprehensive & Affordable Technical Solutions at Techvedic

Computing world is full of technical risks. In order to use technology without facing any technical error, you need expert guidance and assistance. Techvedic, the renowned and leading third-party tech support provider, are providing end-to-end solutions for all technology hassles. Also, you can get these support solutions right at your doorstep through email, chat or over the phone. Techvedic technical solutions are available for all kind of issues including virus attack, printer issues, software corrupted, slow downloading, unknown pop-ups, etc. Just dial the toll free number of Techvedic and get support instantly.Techvedic Technical Consultant

Techvedic technical solution for home Users

For home users, Techvedic offer support for various devices:

Computer & peripherals

Irrespective of the brand and model of your computer, Techvedic are providing instant diagnostic and repair services. Whether your computer is slow or not starting at all, you can call the professionals for both. Under this, they have comprehensive package of services like PC tune-up, printer setup & troubleshooting, data recovery, software installation, virus & spyware removal, hardware installation, etc.

Gaming consoles

Gaming world is full of excitement and fun. But, your console issues can hamper this fun. Therefore, Techvedic have easy and simple technical solutions for all issues related to your console. Also, you can call Techvedic XpertCrew agents for your gaming console setup, system storage upgrade and data transfer.

Phones & Tablets

Usage of mobile phones and tablets has increased tremendously in near future. In order to make use of these gadgets, you have to set them up first. Your smartphone and tablet has number of apps and functions. For using these apps completely, phone and Tablet setup services are available at Techvedic. Also, you can enhance the speed of your tablet by availing Tablet tune-up services.

TV & video

For making your TV watching experience more grand and pleasant, Techvedic can provide effective consultation and setup services for home theater. Also, you can calibrate your TV to improve its picture quality. Additionally, if you have any technical issue then you can get it fixed by Techvedic TV repair services.

Moreover, Techvedic offer One year protection plan for home consumers at just ₤6.44/month.