Technical Support Jobs and Career Opportunities by Techvedic

Factors Shaping the Tech Support Industry

Computer and the Internet have penetrated the lives of almost 34.3 percent of the world population, and surprisingly, the usage has transcended the conventional computing aspect, and a range of unconventional tasks – from searching information to gaming, communication and sharing – have taken the center stage. We do agree that there is a vast disparity in terms of consumption of the technology across different geographies, and various social and economic factors are contributing to it, but, still we can’t deny from the facts that it has transformed the way people used to work and entertain, and share information across different walks of life. The overwhelming involvement and contribution of the Information and Communication Technology in our lives necessitated the development of an altogether different industry type that we often dub as tech support to make sure that technology works the way people expect, not otherwise. The development added buoyancy to the economy with different jobs and career opportunities for technology experts or enthusiasts. Apart from the original equipment manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Acer to name a few, and well-known software developers and publishers like Microsoft and Apple, independent tech support vendors like Techvedic have also ventured into the field to allure customers with instant, reliable and affordable tech support solution. In this current issue, let’s check out technical support jobs and career opportunities available with Techvedic.

Techvedic: A brief on objectives and support modules

Tech support jobs at Techvedic revolves around doing everything that helps end-users to better utilize technology resources and, thereby stay productive, connected and entertained. To streamline the services, the company administers a range of departments and positions accordingly, which we will discuss below, and takes absolute care that the services offered stay in good stead with the changing technology paradigm which is influenced by consumers’ demand. Online, In-Home and In-Store are the available support modules through which customers can avail the company’s services. The first one is thoroughly available for the home consumers in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, where support is offered remotely via. the BOMGAR software. In-Home is a door-step service, and customers can raise requests on the company’s website and fix appointment with experts, as of now the service is available only in the US. In-Store is a reminiscence of the conventional PC repair age, as consumers can bring their technology products at nearest service center and collect those back when fixed or repaired, this is again available in the US alone. Tracking system is also available at the footer of the website to let consumers check the repair status of the machine online from anywhere anytime.

Technical support jobs available with Techvedic

Technical Support Jobs

The top profiles featuring high-growth include:

[A] Technical Support Consultant (Sales)

Key Responsibilities

The recruited person works as a front-desk technical advisor. He/she entertains a customer on the first hand; and after a brief documentation of personal details of the customer, he or she collects technology specifications of the product for which the support is required and pay attention to the related concerns. As per a customer’ requirement, a tech support consultant suggests him/her with suitable tech support subscription plans, and on latter’ discretion, when he/she has fully agreed with the benefits and terms and conditions of the plans, the consultant is required to transfer the customer’ call to the right technology department, where he/she will be assisted by the tech support team.

Desired technology expertise and skills

Required technology know-how

  • The popular desktop, server and mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft, Apple, Google and Linux to name a few.
  • Internet Information Services and networking technologies like DNS, Proxy, TCP/IP, AD, LDAP, DHCP, etc.
  • VMware experience for host virtualization is considered as icing on the cake.

Below is an outline of the personal skills

  • Good command over English, written and verbal both.
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to make customers understand the actual in an absolute simple language free from technical jargons.

[B] Technical Support Specialist

Key Responsibilities:

Provide remote and onsite technical support.

Maintain clear customer communication.

Identify opportunities for technical solutions to business problems

Desired technology expertise

  • Sound knowledge of Windows OS, Apple OS X, Google Android and LINUX.
  • Experience in Exchange 2010/13
  • Basic networking knowledge
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Expertise in setup and configuration
  • Fault Management Skill

Basic skills

  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to learn technical skills quickly
  • Able to work in a team environment
  • Able to communicate with customers in a professional and friendly manner
  • Able to cope with high stress situations

[C] Customer Service Executive

Key Responsibilities:

  • End-to-End ownership of resolution of issue raised by the customer
  • Coordinate with sales and tech support teams and study customer case history
  • Follow-up with various teams and customers
  • Check customer churning by doing just things
  • Share feedbacks of customers with higher level management

Desired technology expertise

Basic understanding of computer and the Internet technology

Basic skills

  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to learn technical skills quickly
  • Able to work in a team environment
  • Able to communicate with customers in a professional and friendly manner
  • Able to cope with high stress situations

[D] Team Lead – Technical

Job responsibilities

  • Manage a team with 10 to 15 tech support personnel
  • Execute and administer technical support process to meet targets within proposed SLA
  • Track performance of team members, offer feedback and manage scorecard
  • Motivate team and help them fix critical technology problem
  • Keeping management and clients updated on progress

Eligibility and skills

  • 3-5 years Tech Support experience with demonstrated leadership abilities required
  • 2+ years sales experience.
  • A+, Network+, DHTI+, RESI and/or other similar technical certifications in the installation and maintenance of Home Theater, Computer or Networking equipment highly desirable.
  • Installation and or repair experience in computers, home theater or networking preferred
  • Strong understanding of Home Theater, computer and consumer electronics
  • Concise and eloquent writing
  • Problem solving skills to ensure resolution and great service
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Strong leadership, coaching, team building and people development skills
  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple task
  • Goal oriented, ambitious, extremely motivated
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitude with exceptional customer service skills
  • Well-developed organizational and communication skill

Application and selection procedures

Applying for a job at Techvedic is a quick and easy process. Candidates interested in making career in the tech support industry can check with the company’s website for any current openings in its CAREER page, and can apply directly from there. At times, aspiring candidates can come across Techvedic job opportunities through authorized recruiters. Recruitment with Techvedic is a free-of-cost process and candidates should discard any opportunities coming in exchange of money, and report such fraudulent incidents to the employer.

Competent aspiring applicants may collect resume tips, and satiate their minds with different company related information through its FAQs section. And, once they have zeroed in on a job matching their interests, may apply for it online. The HR department sort out the received applications, and call the potential ones in a week time, screen their expertise and skills and, then schedule the face-to-face interview. Getting a call means that recruiters have found something relevant in the corresponding candidate’s resume. If you were the one, now it’s time to do some homework so that you can justify what you have claimed before. Acquaint with the interview tips below and get in the right mood so you can leave a lasting impression on the interviewers:

Application Selection Procedure

1. Do your research

Before the scheduled interview date, find enough time to know about the business portfolio, stability and employee-satisfaction, and other details. Employers would like to know that how serious you were for this particular job. Grab the knowledge about the services, latest product launch and other information. News and Press release section, if available, can help. Find out the latest developments in the industry so you can converse with confidence. Referring to sites that offer independent reviews regarding businesses, like Glassdoor is a good option. From here you can get what it actually means by getting employed at Techvedic – what to expect and what not.

2. Practice your answers

It’s difficult to create a layout of the questionnaire, but yes you should be ready with basic interview questions – a brief introduction, personal strengths and weaknesses, why you want to leave the current job (if you are an experienced), and why you preferred this current job, and the company as well. You should be able to explain these, and corroborate those with personal skills and experience at length as may be expected.

3. Sound professional

Make sure you are in a completely professional attire on the interview day. Have a look at the mirror to find everything intact well and up to the mark. Dressing one level above the job you’re applying for shows a desire to succeed.

4. Stay calm

Plan everything as how to reach the interview venue and what route to follow a day before the interview to avoid any unexpected delays. Good preparation is the key to staying in control. Remember to perceive your interviewer as just a normal human being, greet him/her with a smile, speak clearly, and don’t be nervous even in odd situation, rather accede it as your weakness.

5. Ask questions

Don’t just be a listener or interviewee. Always remember, interview is a two-way process. Inquiring about the company or the job profile will have a positive impact on the interviewers showing that you are interested in the job you applied for. You can prepare such questions in advance.

Negotiation: The Final Take

Congrats – if you got a breakthrough with a Techvedic job. However, do keep your options open. Go through the Job Offer Letter, even the minutest detail, apart from remuneration and benefits. You may ask for time from the hiring team, if you want to weigh the offered perk and benefits against other offers, if you have any. Generally, recruiters quote an amount lower than what they could as they know that negotiation is inevitable.

Probably, you get the reserve time as employer does want a stable entity coming with a prepared mind. Take a final call, and inform about it to the concerned HR member. Speak your mind that what you expect, but don’t go with a blank mind. Corroborate your worth by mentioning ideas and strategies that you own, which can be crucial to the organization. The more an employer values you, the more he or she may shower wealth upon you.


Perform, sustain and excel

Once, the green light from the recruiter has been signaled, and you have joined the company, time starts to absorb the company’s values and ethics, understand your responsibilities with respect to the profile, and acquaint with the performance metrics planned by the organization and successfully complete the training session you were put through to know what to do in your job and how to do that adhering the business standards. Generally, you witness sufficient development opportunities to quench your thirst for knowledge. However, don’t be overconfidence, and always eager to learn more. Bring what you learnt into action and make the difference felt to the organization with your dedicated and consistent performance once you have hit the floor. Remember the image of a brand is nothing but the collaborative effort of its employees. And more you contribute to the brand’s success, more you propel your career trajectory. This is a direct give and take relationship. However, a company’s success is a collective effort of its people, bear in mind; hence, it’s important that you mind your relationships with co-workers. Build relationships, share knowledge, help and seek others’ help whenever required. Actively take part in internal networking events to know the expectation of peers that can bring good to you, to them and to the company collectively. Keep your activities transparent and accountable and feel free to explore and innovate; for this you need to be an active listener as well. Suggestions coming from any quadrants from higher or lower should receive your equal attention. When it comes to sharing credit of success, people usually come on the front nudging others, but the take changes in the opposite scenario – it should not be a case, embrace failure and success, appreciation and criticism, and take forward steps to identify yourself with the company’s objective, and the rest is bound to happen effortlessly.

Perform Sustain

Apply for a Job

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How to Backup Data with Techvedic Backuprunner

Data backup is the essential part of data management. Techvedic BackupRunner is the leading provider of data backup and recovery services. You can back up your data easily and instantly. Using just one username and password, you can manage your data across all devices including PCs, Macs, iPhones and Androids. Sounds interesting, right? Here is the guide to backup data with Techvedic BackupRunner Free Trial. Also, you can go for the paid ones with extended storage capacity.

Download the Free Trial.  To begin with, download your Free Trial by filling out the form. You need to fill your name, email, phone and password.

cloud backuprunnerCreate your account. Once the downloading gets completed, create your username and password. This username and password will be used by you to login your account from your device.

techvedic data backupStart backing up. You can see the easy-to-use wizard which will scan your device for all files. Also, you can schedule your backup for the next time.

data recovery services

How to Drive Sales with Techvedic SEO Services

Are you really interested in knowing how to drive sales with Techvedic SEO services? If yes, you should invest in valuable SEO service packages given by Techvedic Inc. at best price. Before you pick a specific service plan, ensure all your requirements are accomplished by it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are helpful in making your blog, article or videos more detectable by the online search engine crawlers. With the implementation of well-defined SEO strategies, one can easily obtain high rankings for popular keywords and acquire better online presence to beat its competitors. Go ahead to learn how to drive sales with Techvedic SEO services –

  • Analyze Customer Demands. Before executing SEO services, statistics generated in R&D phase are studied to meet customer requirements. Their expectations and needs are analyzed to create effective optimizing strategy that may be helpful in obtaining desired results. Analyze Customer Demands
  • Target Potential Audience. To increase sales, it is important to target the potential audience with right set of services that attract them in best possible manners. The probable customers must be available in varied business sections, and thus they should be targeted in across comprehensive Internet channels, such as social media optimizing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, etc. Target Potential Audience
  • Reduce Operation Expense. Optimization on search engine brings popularity to a specific brand which eliminates the need to spend lac or crores on operational activities. Thus, SEO is successful in saving big time money for the business organizations by giving them right direction to work. Reduce Operation Expense
  • Neutralize Negative Reviews. With the help of SEO services, one can easily neutralize the negative service reviews by highlighting positive feedback and posting good content about the company. Pushing back the negative content is the only way to throw bright light on the services of the particular company. Neutralize Negative Reviews

Techvedic Virus and Spyware Removal Services

Is your PC infected with any virus or spyware? Is it working sluggishly? Then it’s time to take immediate measures. You can take help from Techvedic virus and spyware removal services. These serious computing evils are everywhere on the web. You need. to keep your system secure by adopting suitable strategies. The professionals of Techvedic can remove the harmful programs from your computer making it safe and secure.Techvedic virus and spyware removal

Symptoms of virus and spyware infection:

  • Slow speed of computer
  • Random system restart
  • Strange/Unknown pop-ups
  • Abrupt shut downs

At Techvedic, you can get end-to-end solutions for virus and spyware removal. These experts are available round the clock to offer support against all computing evils. With immense expertise in technical field, they can handle all kinds of viruses and spyware.

What to do to prevent virus and spyware attack?

These viruses and spywares can attack your system in different forms. When you go online and download music, files or any other stuff from an untrusted source, viruses can get an opportunity to attack your system. Also, think twice before clicking a link from an unknown sender. These links may contain viruses and spywares. Installing and updating a suitable antivirus or antispyware on your system, Techvedic virus and spyware removal experts can make your system free from these computing threats. Additionally, you should not open any unknown email attachment as it is the direct way of getting infected by viruses. By taking above precautions, you can stay secure against these viruses and spywares.

What Techvedic do?

Techvedic experts first check the system behavior, errors and security notifications. After that, they run a system scan using an advanced antivirus or antispyware. If any computing threat detected, they remove it immediately. For further security, they install, update and configure the security software on your system. In order to protect your system in future, they update your operating system and browser. Additionally, they take required steps to ensure complete security by setting up and configuring privacy settings with email and other social networks. Techvedic virus and spyware removal experts can provide tutorials for checking Internet threats and if required, install service packs for operating system.


Techvedic Scams Alert- Don’t Get Tricked

Have your received any call from a stranger? Is anyone forcing you to purchase security software? Are you getting call from any renowned tech support company? If you have answered yes for any of these questions then it’s time to be careful. Scamming or tricking is one of the most popular sources of making money for cybercriminals. Thereby, you need to be attentive all the time for staying safe online. Here, Techvedic Scams Alert is spreading awareness regarding these online threats.

Techvedic scam alert

Scams Alert

How these scams work?

In order to fool innocent users, scammers create fake websites. After this, they send you warning messages regarding the virus infection on your computer. To take you out from the stress, they will convince you to buy the bogus security software. This software could be a malware which is designed to give access of your computer to the scammers. Resultantly, they can steal your personal or financial information. Nowadays, these scams start with a phone call. From the public directories, they can take your name and basic information. They might guess the computer software you are using. After this, they try to convince you by gaining your trust. Also, they pretend to be from a legitimate support company. Targeting your legitimate files, they claim those files as viruses.

After gaining your trust, they may:

  • Ask for your consent to take remote access of your computer and then change your settings so as to make your computer vulnerable.
  • Convince you to get enrolled into a worthless computer maintenance or warranty program.
  • Ask for the credit card details so that they can charge you for bogus services.
  • Fool you to install malware for stealing sensitive data like usernames and passwords.
  • Direct you to unknown websites and there you need to enter your credit card number and other personal information.

Some tips to stay safe:

  • Don’t give remote access to any unknown support provider.
  • Don’t give your credit card details to anyone.
  • Don’t give your password on phone.

With their tricks and tactics, they want to make money. Thus, it is your responsibility to be careful against these scammers.

Techvedic Data Backup Solutions

Data preservation is one of the serious issues for which you need to take immediate measures. Whether it is your personal data or office data, both are equally important. Is your data under risk? If you are not paying attention towards data protection then let me say that you are going to put yourself into a big trouble soon. There are so many issues that results in data loss like hard drive failure, virus attack, accidental deletion, or any other natural disaster. Adopt suitable and advanced data backup solutions to protect your data from several threats. By backing up your data at regular intervals, you get assured about the security of your data. Techvedic data backup solutions are here to offer you comprehensive package of online data backup and recovery services.Data restore

Whenever you choose any backup provider, you first check the storage space. Techvedic is the best solution for this purpose. You get large storage space for keeping your data as well as this space can be extended when the data volume gets larger. Thus, BackupRunner, powered by Techvedic, is offering unlimited storage solutions for your data. When you need to backup large amount of data, you want fast upload speed. In this regard, Techvedic backup solutions can surely help you. These backup solutions offered by BackupRunner are highly useful for performing this backup task instantly.

If you are choosing the home backup plan then you can get complete security for your home computer data at competent prices. In this, you have Home Startup, Home Plus, and HomePlusPro programs to choose from. Just opt for the home backup plan and a setup wizard can guide you further. Not only for home users but for businesses also Techvedic has wide range of backup plans. Also, if you have already lost your data then Techvedic professionals can retrieve it from various network resources like servers, desktops, tablets, laptops, and virtual machines using secure web interface.

With just one username and password, you can manage and access your entire data easily. Furthermore, you get expert assistance for data restore services. Trust Techvedic professionals and let them handle your data related concerns.

Techvedic Business Solutions

business solutionRunning your business empire is a big task that involves management of various departments. These departments include network, server, data, and desktop management. By managing all the aspects of your business coherently, you can take your business ahead. In this regard, Techvedic can help you for sure with end-to-end IT support services. Under Techvedic Business solutions, you can get management of various IT departments like server, desktop, network and data.

Let’s discuss in brief about what Techvedic is offering for small & medium sized business:

Network Management

Under this, Techvedic includes everything like ISP, router, anti-virus, firewall and VPN. In order to let you perform business operations smoothly and effectively, these professionals are here to offer affordable network management service.

Server Management

By selecting an optimum server for your software, they take care of your entire IT infrastructure. All the tasks related to it like server setup, installation, diagnosis, repair and maintenance are provided by Techvedic experts.

Desktop Management        

Desktop is the main place where all the business information gets stored. For error free running of your hardware and software components, constant monitoring of your system is required. Here Techvedic plays its role. By evaluating your business requirements, Techvedic professionals offer comprehensive desktop management services irrespective of all makes and models.

Data Management

Data is the main asset of any business. Effective data management helps in smooth functioning of various business operations. By designing efficient data management frameworks, Techvedic lets businesses access data easily and instantly. Also, they have advanced backup and restore solutions for business data.

CIO Services        

Focus on your business development task and let Techvedic handle other things. In order to generate profit from your business, you need to make your clients happy. Under the CIO (Chief Information Officer) services program, Techvedic provides proper deployment to your IT infrastructure by implementing required security settings. Furthermore, you get regular monitoring of your ROI.

Cloud Computing                                                                   

Cloud computing is one of the popular technological advances which increases business accessibility. Adopting these solutions for sharing, storing and transferring data, you can manage your business even on the go.